Janice Garrett & Dancers
showcases a variety of artists that come together to perform in one evening. Each installment typically features dance, works of a living composer or new music ensemble, ethnic music, and Nanos Operetta.

What sets 3 Drops of Blood apart from other multicultural presentations is that there is a theme—sometimes a song or a piece of music repeated throughout the
night in different versions or arrangements and/or by different artists.

"I felt like each of the elements were so disparate from each other that the only way to have them congeal was to have somewhat of a recurring theme or thematic motif that ran through the performances as a binding factor," says Ali Tabatabai, member of Nanos Operetta and the curator of the series.

Nanos Operetta (L to R): Max Baloian, Jason Ditzian, Craig Demel, Ali Tabatabai, Aharon Wheels Bolsta (guest), Robin Reynolds, Phil Williams
In one night, audiences get a sampling of works by unique performers—from a bass clarinet quartet to champion Mongolian throat singers, a Balinese gamelan orchestra to butoh dancers. And even though the individual acts seem so different, spanning genres, cultures, and emotions, in this context nothing seems out of place—the pieces coalesce to tell a captivating story.
Meanwhile, the artists get the opportunity to explore new works in progress, road test short segments in front of an audience that may not be familiar with their art, and possibly win over new fans.

Now in its third year and approaching the final installment, 3 Drops of Blood has sold out shows, received stellar reviews in the press, and has gained a reputation for
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